Advancing Regional Security

Collaborative Development of Defense Capabilities

Japan has a growing interest in deepening its defense and security engagement with other nations in the Indo-Pacific region.

In response to rising regional tensions, many Indo-Pacific countries are increasing spending on military modernization – despite economic consequences from Covid-19 – as well as seeking partnerships to enhance security.  Japan is in a strong position to become a key Indo-Pacific security guarantor.  Tokyo’s efforts to deepen its defense and security relationships in the region include an unprecedented promotion of itself as a supplier of defense-related equipment and technology. To date Japan has signed defense equipment and technology agreements with 11 countries, seven of them in Indo-Pacific.

The Ministry of Defense’s Acquisition, Technology and Logistics Agency (ATLA) has participated in international seminars and exhibitions, conducted marketing surveys and is currently creating a web-based portal for public-private information exchange.  Japan’s agreement with the Philippines to supply Mitsubishi Electric’s FPS-3 air-defense radar, announced in August 2020, suggests some progress towards these goals.

However, Japan continues to face internal policy barriers as well as cumbersome and partially developed bureaucracy in defense-export administration. Issues such as high production costs, and an isolated defense community that lacks international experience and some of the standard regulatory tools for defense export are persistent issues. There are also lingering political and cultural concerns about exporting military systems. Externally, Japan’s attempts to promote defense trade also face challenges from increasing international rivalry over defense trade as well as the heightened priority that regional governments place on self-reliance.

Effective promotion through government-industry teaming, product support, and industrial engagement are key issues facing Japan as it pursues defense business in the region to leverage broader security relationships.

This webinar will discuss these topics and evaluate how Japan can bolster its security ties in the Indo-Pacific through expanded defense equipment and technology collaboration.

October 20, 2021

Washington 08:00
London 13:00
Paris 14:00
New Delhi 17:30
Tokyo 21:00
Canberra 23:00
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