Hypersonix Launch Systems

Hypersonix Launch Systems is an Aerospace Engineering Design and Build company specialising in hypersonic vehicles and scramjet engines to provide sustainable affordable access to space.

We are fully re-usable and use green hydrogen as our fuel for the fifth generation SPARTAN scramjet engine of our hypersonic launch vehicle Delta Velos. Green hydrogen has no CO2 emissions, only water vapour.

We are a deep tech company disrupting the Aerospace and Aviation industry as our innovative technology offers green and sustainable access to space for satellite launch but also delivers a reliable and highly efficient scramjet engine solution for hypersonic airliners that take you from Sydney to NYC in 2.5 h with creating no CO2 emissions.

The satellite launch market is forecast to grow to $10B by 2030 with 50,000 satellites being deployed into orbit by 2030.

Hypersonix is at TRL 5 (technology readiness level).

We are currently working on a design study with Boeing to investigate the design of a sustainable hypersonic vehicle powered by the Hypersonix fifth generation SPARTAN scramjet engine in Queensland. We also have a framework agreement with BOC/ Linde Group to be the supplier for Green Hydrogen.