The Digital Imperative

Accelerating Change in Aerospace and Defense

The digital transformation in aerospace and defense is well underway. A paradigm shift in the way military equipment is designed and built will not only determine the outcome of conflict but act as a deterrent to avoid conflict. The future will not depend on scale but on quality and speed.

Japan is well poised for this transition. Government support for Industrial Revolution 4.0 is legendary, such as the Moonshot Research and Development Program. The automotive and medical and electronics industries are agile, automated and increasingly interconnected. With rising threats and limited budgets, innovative design and build constructs are essential for Japan’s defense industry.

Former US Air Force acquisition chief Dr. Will Roper will discuss the new US approach to developing future combat aircraft.  This “Disruptive Agility for a Disruptive World” concept — featuring digital engineering, agile software, spiral development and continuous innovation – has become the theme for acquisition of the US Next Generation Air Dominance (NGAD) family of systems.

Dr. Roper will explain advantages of this approach to NGAD development in terms of timely, cost effective response to rapidly evolving threats – as well as greater opportunities to work with key allies and partners on systems development and a continuous, open architecture-based path to future upgrades and support.

While future fighter programs underway in Europe may differ in their use of digital engineering and open architecture-based system upgrades, all to some degree reflect the thinking behind the current US approach to NGAD development.  There is now little doubt that digital technologies and advanced manufacturing methods are revolutionizing the way future fighter aircraft and other security related platforms are designed and made. 

This webinar discusses how digital technologies and advanced manufacturing are shaping future space and security platforms.

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