Industrial Policy for National Security

Pathways to Efficiencies, Resilience, Innovation

World events are emphasizing the need for a robust national defense. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and military build-ups in China and North Korea are stark reminders of a fragile peace and the rationale for credible deterrence.

2022 will be a significant year for Japan’s National Security Strategy now in the planning stage, as well as the National Defense Programs Guideline and the Mid-Term Defense Plan to be renewed by the end of the year. Japan’s Defense Industrial Base (JDIB) must transform itself to be more efficient, more resilient, and more innovative.

These reviews are likely to identify the new equipment and capabilities necessary for Japan’s security, and by extension, the role of Japan’s Defense Industrial Base (JDIB) will need to be considered. Until now the JDIB has supported defense planners in development of both indigenous and imported systems.

However, in a world where national levels of production make it increasingly difficult to maintain a comprehensive national industrial base, the JDIB will need to be able to work with international partners, both to meet national needs, and to broaden its reach into international markets to sustain levels of production. The JDIB must transform itself to be more efficient, more resilient, and more innovative

Two distinguished speakers from Japan, key members of a study group that prepared and submitted policy proposals to the Government of Japan, will outline the implications of future expectations from the JDIB, to meet the challenges they anticipate in the new security environment.

They will be joined by an American defense industry analyst, who will share the latest outlook on US National Defense Strategy, expected to be released soon, by offering US perspectives in a critical time.

This discussion will continue. We look forward to engaging with the audience on the ISIConnect platform in the days ahead, and to related topics in this forum.

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