The Industrial Security Dilemma

Quest for Substantive Equivalency

Protection of classified/sensitive information is the greatest challenge facing increased cooperation with international partners on defense equipment and technology interests.

Concerns range from protection of sensitive technologies on specific programs to broader sharing of classified/sensitive information affecting all areas of national security. Many countries have successfully worked together for years with information security procedures that have been standardized, primarily on NATO coordination.

As Japan begins to work more closely with these countries the differences in its procedures and those of potential partner countries have come into sharper focus.

Building a foundation of regulations and procedures needed to implement the Secrets Protection Act adopted by Japan in 2013 remains a work in progress. While Ministries have been given individual responsibility to implement personnel and facilities clearance, there is no standardized government system yet, as is generally seen in other countries.

This ISIC webinar will address various issues in information and industrial security by government, industry, and academic experts and provide context for the evolving National Security Strategy due in December 2022.

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