Technology, Security, and Cooperation

Alliances to Protect Information and Enhance Deterrence

Japan, and like-minded friends and allies, face an increasingly severe security situation in the Indo Pacific region. It is essential to cooperate in deterring these threats. Cooperation among nations to deter a common threat is often seen in terms of diplomatic and military collaboration through treaties, alliances, and related exercises. Cooperation to control sensitive technology has also become critical to mutual security. The pace of technology development has become more rapid. Security is broader than military and diplomatic capability – economic security is also a vital national interest. Even the development of conventional military equipment is more dependent on commercial technologies. Preventing the loss of critical technology to potential rivals is vital for national, regional, and global security.

Technology development cooperation between nations, particularly when military-applicable, requires trust that partners can keep sensitive information secure. Japan has made significant progress on developing effective information and industrial security measures, but still has work to do to assure foreign partners. Working together to protect technology also facilitates collaborating on new technology, keeping partners ahead of adversary’s development.

All nations must keep up as well with ever evolving threats to critical technologies; working together seems the best approach. It is useless for one country to control a certain technology if another is exporting it to competitors and potential adversaries.

What can Japan do to foster cooperation on preventing undesired outflows of sensitive technologies? Could there ever be an “alliance for the effective control of sensitive technologies”? Bilateral, and even some multilateral, discussion channels already exist. Can we do more?

Technological superiority, by any means necessary, is a strategic imperative for China and other potential adversaries. Developing, protecting, and countering pervasive stealing of advanced technology must be a national and international priority for Japan along with like-minded friends and allies.

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January 27, 2021

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