Dr. Yuske Taguchi

Director for Space

Earning a Ph.D. in Astronomy at Kobe University Graduate School of Science and Technology, Yuske started his professional career joining Hitachi Solutions where he was engaged in systems engineering and then to international sales of Interactive Whiteboards for the Oceania region.

After working at Dell as sales for the government of Japan and YSI/Nanotech as a sales engineer for water quality instruments and doppler flow meters, he came back to the space industry and joined JAMSS (Japan Manned Space Systems) to become an instructor for Astronaut and Flight Controller training and inter-agency coordination for scheduling astronaut training.

Yuske later was transferred to JAXA to provide training support for the JAXA Astronauts, especially Norishige Kanai, in preparation for his mission on board the International Space Station (Exp 54/55). Yuske decided it was time for him to return to the private sector, and after working at Astroscale at Sales & Marketing, next at Space BD for business development in North America and Oceania, and then GITAI Japan as the first sales representative, he joined Axiom Space in November 2022 as the APAC Sales Manager.

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