Yuko Abe

Ms Abe began her career at British Aerospace reporting to the head of the Far East office. She was involved in the merger between BAE, Hughes and Texas Instruments which collectively were acquired by Raytheon, where she was Senior Assistant to the President of North Asia office (Korea, Taiwan, Japan).

Primary responsibilities have included industry research and market analyses. Abe has also directed translation of various materials including company overview presented to governments. She was awarded for supporting the WAOSRS public comment to the Directors of Oceans Policy, GoJ.

Additional Abe has been involved in various trainings, events planning for BMD Conference, JSSC, overseas and domestic airshows and exhibitions including Paris and Farnborough, JNY, JAC, VIP receptions.

Educated at Oberlin College in Tokyo and Commerce (Hong Kong). She is currently Marketing Analyst / Administration for Raytheon Japan.

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