Tetsuzo Matsumoto

Chairman and CEO, SAUFAL Inc.

Tetsuzo (Ted) Matsumoto has nearly 62 years of business carrier mainly in Information, Communication and Media business in Japan, US, and some other countries, and is still active in Japanese business community. Presently, he is serving as Chairman and CEO of ORNIS Corp. (Ocean Radar Network Information Services), Chairman and CEO of SAUFAL Inc. (Swarming Autonomous Underwater Fleet Architectural Laboratory) and Representative Director of HIQA, a non-profit organization for the Certification and Support of High IQ people.

In October 2006, Matsumoto joined Softbank Mobile Corp., as a member of the Board, Senior Executive Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer, according to the strong request of Masayoshi Son, Founder and Chairman of SoftBank Group. He served for the company for nearly 6 years, mainly responsible for the engineering strategy, government relations and international business development. During that period, the company recorded a dramatic growth.

Number of the mobile subscribers, which was 15.22 million (market share 16.5%) in March 2006, grew to 42.18 million (market share 29.8%) in March 2013, and EBIT, which was JPY 76.3 billion, grew to JPY 517.1 billion (6.8 times). During this period, he was also instrumental for the global cooperation of the mobile communication industry. He served as a member of the Board of GSMA (London) and GTI (Beijing) to play leading roles in these organizations for the technological innovation. Prior to joining the Softbank group, Matsumoto worked for Qualcomm for more than 10 years, commencing as a consultant, and, subsequently, serving as President and Chairman of Qualcomm Japan, which he established in March 1998, as well as Senior Vice President of its HQ in San Diego. During the time he served for Qualcomm, he was successful to change the political climate of Japanese mobile communication industry and make the system Qualcomm proposed one of the Japanese 3G standards.

Before that, Matsumoto worked for a Japanese conglomerate, Itochu Corporation for 34 years, occupying the positions such as Senior VP of Electronics Division of Itochu America, and General Manager of Telecommunication and Multimedia Business of its Tokyo HQ. Among many achievements he made during the time he served for Itochu, one of the remarkable was his contribution to the merger of the two competing satellite communication companies, which saved the industry from the serious over supply of the capacity, and the creation of the concept of the world’s first “Platform-based” Direct Satellite Broadcasting Service. Matsumoto received a Bachelor of Law degree from Kyoto University in 1962. In 2013 and 2014, he served as a Special Visiting Professor for Graduate School of Global Business at Meiji University.

Through his carrier, he wrote many books. In late 2017, he published a book titled “The Day AI becomes God” in Japanese and Korean. English version of the same book was published in 14 countries in the end of 2018, and the Chinese version was published by the Publishing Department of Tsinghua University in early 2019.

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