Tetsuro Kuroe

Former Administrative Vice-Minister
of Defense

Apr 1981
Joined JDA

Jul 1999
Director, Operations Division,
Bureau of Operations

May 2001
Cabinet Counselor, Cabinet Affairs Office

Aug 2004
Cabinet Counselor under the Assistant Chief
Cabinet Secretary for National Security and Crisis Management

Aug 2006
Director, Administrative Coordination Division

Sep 2007
Defense Councilor

Aug 2009
Deputy Director General, Bureau of Defense Policy

Sep 2012
Director General, Bureau of Operational Policy

Jul 2013
Director General, Minister’s Secretariat

Jul 2014
Director General, Bureau of Defense Policy

Oct 2015
Administrative Vice-Minister of Defense

Jul 2017
Retired MOD

Oct 2017
Special Advisor to the NSS (Retired May 2020)

Jan 2018
Present Position

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