Takayoshi Yamazaki

President of Global Security Corporation Lt. General JASDF (Ret.)

General Yamazaki retired from Japan Air Self Defense Force in March 2012.

He is the president of GLOBAL SECURITY CORPORATION, consulting various Japanese, U.S. and Taiwanese companies include Lockheed Martin.

General Yamazaki was an aircraft maintenance officer, and a logistics officer, worked on F-86F, F-104, F-1, F-4EJ, F-15J, F-2, T-33, T-1, T-2, T4, T-37 and T-38.

General Yamazaki was responsible for developing the JASDF’s mediumterm defense build-up programs and for developing the logistics and sustainment policy/programs in the Air Staff office.

General Yamazaki served as Director General of the Department of Air Systems Development from August 2008 to December 2010, working on the development of P-X, C-X, X-2, UH-X, UAV, JDCS (JSDF Digital Communication System) and on the upgrade of F-2 and for developing the “Future Fighter R&D Vision.”

1977 National Defense Academy (Bachelor of science degree in aeronautical science and technology)
1987 Air Staff College (Command and Staff Course)
1997 Air War College (USAF)

1977 81st Air Wing (become 3rd Air Wing in 1979) (Misawa AB)
1981 Branch Chief, Flight Line Branch, 3rd SQ (Misawa AB)
1982 Branch Chief, Fabrication Branch, 12th Flying Training Wing, USAF (Randolph AFB, TX)
1984 Commando Port (office for USAF F-16 deployment to Misawa AFB), 3rd Air Wing
1985 Air Materiel Command (Ichigaya)
1987 Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Asian Regional Policy Division (Kasumigaseki)
1989 Defense Planning Section, Air Staff Office (Roppongi)
1991 Commander, Field Maintenance Squadron, 7th Air Wing (Hyakuri AB)
1994 Deputy Chief, Defense Planning Section, ASO (Roppongi)
1996 Air War College, Air University, USAF (Maxwell AFB, AL)
1997 Chief, Defense Planning Section, ASO (Roppongi)
1999 Commander, Maintenance & Supply Group, 5th Air Wing (Nyutabaru AB)
2001 Director, Logistics Planning Division, ASO (Ichigaya)
2002 Commandant, 1st Technical School (Hamamatsu AB)
2004 Commander, Western Aircraft Control & Warning Wing (Kasuga AB)
2007 Director General, Logistics Department, ASO (Ichigaya)
2008 Director General, Department of Air Systems Development, Technical Research & Development Institute (TRDI) (Ichigaya)
2010 Commander, Air Materiel Command (Jujo AB)
2012 retired 2012 Adviser, JISC SOFT Co. Ltd 2013 Strategic Consultant to Lockheed Martin Overseas LLC

Member of the Society of Japanese Aerospace Companies (SJAC)
Member of Japan Association of International Security and Trade (JAIST)
Member of Japan Security Research Association (JSRA) Member of Japan Forum for Strategic Studies (JFSS)
Member of Japan-American Air Force Goodwill Association (JAAGA)
Member of the Air Force Association (AFA)

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