Rupal Kalebere

Ms. Rupal Kalebere is an associate for the International Security Industrial Council-Japan. She brings a wealth of expertise in law and policy to the organization and is committed to strengthening the relationship between India and Japan.

Rupal currently serves as a project lead at the Center of Policy Research and Governance, a think tank located in Delhi. She holds a BA LLB degree from ILS Law College and is currently pursuing her MA in Defence and Security Laws from the National Academy of Legal Studies and Research in Hyderabad. Her education has provided her with a strong foundation in legal and policy matters related to security and defence.

Previously, Ms Kalebere has completed various international courses and has researched and interned for several organizations such as Princeton University, HSE University in Moscow, Athena Model United Nations, Adhyayan Foundation for Policy Research, Vidya Bharati Akhil Bharatiya Shiksha Sanstha, The Indo-Japan Community (IJC), Sahyadri Law Academy, and Amnesty International.

Rupal is an Indo-Japan Relations enthusiast and has a deep interest in promoting bilateral cooperation between the two countries. She is passionate about fostering growth and development in the region and believes that stronger ties between India and Japan can be a catalyst for progress. To achieve this, Rupal aims to facilitate greater collaboration between the two countries in areas such as defence, security, and technology. She brings her extensive knowledge of legal and policy matters to this endeavour and is committed to developing innovative solutions to complex challenges.

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