Nupur Tewari

Founder of The Rising Sun Conclave

Nupur Tewari is actively engaged in exploring the strategic partnership between India and Japan. Her focus on this critical aspect of national security underscores her commitment to promoting bilateral cooperation and strengthening defense ties between the two nations. Through her work, she seeks to highlight the significance of this partnership in safeguarding shared interests and ensuring regional stability.

Interestingly, Tewari-san has a multifaceted professional background. She is known for her work as a motivational speaker, spiritual healer, philanthropist, performance coach, and yoga instructor. She has also been involved in fostering bilateral relations between India and Japan through her consultancy service, Connect India Japan, which aims to bridge cultures, create job opportunities, facilitate internships, support businesses, and provide startup visibility.

Nupur is also producer of The Nupur Tewari Show on YouTube, where stories are brought to life through engaging conversations. With a dedicated series titled “Indian Army: The Shield That Protects India, ” she delves deep into the realm of defense, spotlighting the valor and sacrifices of the armed forces. She has served alongside the Indian Army in Kashmir, gaining firsthand experience in challenging terrain.

The Rising Sun Conclave, an event spearheaded by Tewari-san, features exclusive discussions including a Fireside Chat with Maj. Gen. Gagan Deep Bakshi and Defense Experience with Japan with Lt. Gen. Sanjay Kulkarni. With a focus on strengthening Indo-Japanese ties, defense dialogues take center stage.

Her journey began in a small village in West Bengal, and despite facing adversities, she has worked her way up to become a respected figure in her field. Now based in Tokyo, Japan, she continues to inspire and connect people across the globe.

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