Nils Ossette

Nils OSSETTE’s Primary mission at I.S.I.C is to bring European Defense Industries a step closer to their Japanese counterparts.

Recently graduated from a master’s degree in “European Affairs & European Security Policy” at SciencesPo Strasbourg, one of the best schools to gain knowledge on issues regarding the European Union, Nils started working in Client Research with I.S.I.C in Tokyo at the beginning of 2023. This isn’t Nils’ first experience in Japan as speaks Japanese and studied for a year in Osaka University (大坂大学).

As a French-German dual-national and strong of his technical knowledge on EU institutions, the EU’s Common Foreign and Security Policy (CFSP) as well as the Common Security and Defense Policy (CSDP), Nils has especially been able to understand the challenges that European Companies face as they are trying now more than ever to enter the Japanese Defense sector.

As of now, he has been instrumental in the building of new partnerships with EU actors for I.S.I.C, as his network developed through previous experiences allowed him to introduce the organization to newer EU-led partners such as the EU-Japan Centre for Industrial Cooperation where he previously did an internship, or the European Business Council (EBC).

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