Misa Sakurabayashi

Defense Industry Commentator
Author and Master of

Born in Tokyo in 1970, Misa Sakurabayashi graduated from Nihon University College of Art, Department of Broadcasting. After working as a freelance announcer, TV program director, and news desk at Nippon Broadcasting System (AM radio), she is now researching and writing about defense and security issues.

Sakurabayashi completed a special course at the National Institute for Defense Studies in 2013. She served as a member of the Ministry of Defense’s Study Group on Defense Production and Technology Infrastructure, also was a member of the Cabinet Office’s Study Group on Multi-Purpose Vessels for Disasters and was a member of the Round-Table Conference on Defense Issues of the Ministry of Defense.

Director of the Japan Security Research Association Corporation. Guest Researcher of the Japan Institute for National Fundamentals. Councilor of the Defense Structure Improvement Foundation.

Author of the following articles and publications:

“The Miracle Ship Soya,”

“Opening the Sea: The Unknown Minesweeping Unit”

“Defense Industry Nobody Told You About” (Namiki Shobo)

” Self-Defense Forces and the Defense Industry” (PHP Institute)

“Japan Self-Defense Forces: The Great East Japan Earthquake” (Sankei Shimbun Publishing)

“Weapons Exports Alone Cannot Protect the Defense Industry” (Namiki Shobo), “Arigato Kongo Maru: Spirit of the Self-Defense Forces” (Sankei Shimbun Publishing)

“Economics of the Self-Defense Forces” (East Press) 

“Spirit of the Self-Defense Forces” (PHP Institute)

“Real Image of the Self-Defense Forces: Questioning the Preparedness of the 240,000 Self-Defense Forces Personnel” (Themis).

In addition, Sakurabayashi participated in the production of radio documentaries. In 2008, “My Dream,” a Nippon Broadcasting System (AM radio) news special that he scripted and composed, won the Grand Prix at the National Association of Commercial Broadcasters in Japan (NAB) Awards and the Grand Prize at the Agency for Cultural Affairs Arts Festival in the radio documentary category.

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