Dr Matthew Warren

Principal Strategic Analyst at Apache iX Former BAE Systems, Military Air strategy and analysis

Dr Matthew Warren is a former-defence aerospace executive and current Principal Strategic Analyst at Apache iX, a defence and security consultancy. Matt’s professional background is in strategy, planning and analysis, supported by a broad and deep knowledge of geopolitics. He recently completed a Ph.D. in International Relations (St Andrews), and holds a master’s degree with distinction in International Peace & Security (King’s College, London), and a first class honours degree in International Politics & Strategic Studies (Aberystwyth). His Ph.D. research examined the development and use of air power for strategic effect in six states, including Britain, the United States, Russia, and France, since the end of the Cold War, tracing its theoretical and practical direction, influences, and its use in conflict, to determine the factors and processes that accounted for its direction and evolution. The research examined areas including defence policy, doctrine, theory, capability, innovation, and operational practice. In addition, Matt continues to be involved in a research project examining pre-war analyses of the Russian and Ukrainian militaries and their

Matt has experience in the UK defence industry, working at BAE Systems in the Military Air business for 10 years where he primarily focused on strategy and analysis. This included assessing geopolitical trends, shocks, and actors to assess impacts and opportunities for the business, scenario modelling, strategy development, market and competitor analysis, and contributing to operational analysis. He also completed a secondment in the UK Civil Service, working at the Department for International Trade as part of the Defence Growth Partnership’s Countries of Focus project. Here, Matt co-created the analysis and selection methodology for the project and shaped the subsequent strategies for engagement and cooperation, including leading the work on India. He has also worked in both Business Development and in Commercial, and spent time working on contracting in the Middle East.

At Apache iX, Matt is responsible for leading the development of the company’s strategy, research, and development capabilities through the Strategic & Analytical Services team. This includes providing advice and practical support to clients by leveraging market, platform, systems and technology research, trends, and competitor analysis across the breadth of the defence and security domains.

Outside of work, Matt closely follows developments in geopolitics, international business, and aviation, enjoys cooking and travel, and is an avid reader, fan of motorsport, and player of strategy and simulation computer games.

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