Lily Cheatham

Lily Cheatham is a sophomore at Columbia University majoring in International Relations. Her
interests primarily revolve around national security and U.S. intelligence, and she has a great
deal of experience in the field of research. Prior to entering college, she received multiple
certificates of completion for educational programs relating to the topics of cyber threat
intelligence, terrorism and counterterrorism, and flaws in American Democracy.

In her spare time, Lily has worked with refugee resettlement groups such as the Nationalities
Service Center where she helped relocate and tutor children from all over the world who are
currently seeking refuge from conflict in Philadelphia. She has also received recognition for
leading 2 large fundraising initiatives. The first initiative raised money for the International
Rescue Committee, and the other raised money for Black Lives Matter Philly. Lily received a
Certificate in Race Relations from Princeton University, a Leadership Award from Widener
University, and admission to the United States Senate Youth Program as a result of her work in
fundraising and volunteering.

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