Geoff Newman

Senior Advisor

Geoff Newman has been active in Asia-Pacific since 1980, when he became Columbia
University’s first exchange student to Peking University. He established the Collins
Aerospace (Hamilton Standard) business office in Hong Kong in 1985, marketing
aerospace products in China and Asia Pacific. In 1991 he expanded to Japan, opening
their business office in Tokyo, and has been working in Japan and the region since.
Currently, he is an international business development leader for Silicon Sensing, which
is a Collins Aerospace (UK) joint venture with SPP (Sumitomo Precision Products) for
sensors and inertial measurement.

Geoff’s mission has been to develop and maintain relationships with key customers and
suppliers while pursuing new business relationships, primarily through partnership,
across the aerospace and industrial markets for Collins Aerospace. He has been with
Collins since 1985 and has built a broad background in the aerospace industry and
international marketing. He has held various positions in international marketing,
business development and program management for products ranging from propellers
and engine accessories to fuel cells and equipment for space.

A speaker of both Chinese and Japanese, he has experience working and living in
Japan, China, Hong Kong, Korea, Singapore, India, and the Middle East.

Geoff has a bachelor’s degree in international relations and a master’s in Chinese
sociology, both from Columbia University. He has attended several strategic leadership
and professional development programs at Oxford University and Wharton.
He currently resides in New England with his family.

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