Douglas Berenson

Managing Director,
The Avascent Group

Douglas Berenson is a Managing Director at Avascent’s defence practice. Since 1998 he has helped clients in government and industry adapt to changes driven by politics, economics, and technology. Doug works with clients worldwide to set investment, policy and other priorities in light of the unique conditions that define these markets.

Doug works closely with Avascent Canada, a division of the company that provides analytical support to agencies of the Canadian government on matters pertaining to the global aerospace, defence, marine, cyber and other markets that present challenges and opportunities for Canadian companies, workers and taxpayers.

Doug is the founder of the Global Platforms & Systems (GPS) database, which has become the industry standard for defense market forecasting and analysis. Avascent sold GPS to Janes in January 2021. Doug remains a leading voice of expertise on matters relating to the US Federal and Department of Defense budgets, providing advice and analysis to clients on areas of growth, risk and opportunity.

Doug has published articles on subjects related to defense budgets, programs and industry in War on the Rocks, Defense News, National Defense and others.

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