Bernice Glenn Kissinger

Bernice Glenn Kissinger’s main mission is to expand US-Japan-Australia and other Allied Nations’ tech collaboration, strategy and industrial bases. Her expertise is outreach for rapid contracting programs and acquisition policy implementation by the private sector in innovation.

Co-founded Pacific Impact Zone to develop suites of technologies and analyses, immersive technology showcases and demos, and custom breakthrough experiences addressing innovation, technology transition and mission alignment. Clients and projects include dual-use technology programs for Toyota, US Department of Defense, US Department of Commerce, Korea Government Administration & Home Affairs, and federally funded research laboratories.

Bernice has led economic development organizations and programs in Hawaii and Kentucky, and other technology and regional initiatives in the Midwest.

Beginning in 2015, Bernice specialized in technology scouting and government acquisition community engagement with end-users as a leader in Other Transaction Authority (OTA) Consortium Management organizations. She served as Senior VP, Strategic Partnerships of NSTXL from 2017-2020 developing strategic partnerships with the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD), Academia, and Innovators in Change Management to rapidly field solutions for the U.S. military and other national security stakeholders.

In 2021, she co-founded Pacific Impact Zone, and a consortium of five regional mission accelerators funded via the 2023 National Defense Authorization Act.

In 2023, she helped to build a new OTA and innovation acceleration model to rapidly prospect, vet and fund state-of-art technologies in alignment with warfighter needs. She is Executive Vice President and Chief Outreach & Engagement Office of Tech Accelerator, selected to manage several OTA Consortia.

Ms. Bernice was Vice Chairman for High Technology Innovation Corporation in Honolulu and also served as Director for Northeast Asia Forum which developed and implemented training programs for government agencies in the Northeast Asia. Designated as International Research Manager for the Republic of Korea, Ministry of Government Administration & Home Affairs and Executive Director of Oahu Economic Development Board 1995-2002.

Based in Tokyo with Nippon Motorola from 1989-2004 where she was responsible for bridging strategic planning with human resources, she also represented the Commonwealth of Kentucky to support Toyota Motor Corporation from 1985-1989.

Ms. Bernice attended Princeton University 1979-1983, BA. magna cum laude, East Asia Studies, Harvard University’s Graduate School of Design, and NCI National Charrette System Program in 2011.

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