Arnaud Sobrero

Director of Development Europe

Arnaud Sobrero is an expert in the Aerospace, Defense, and Security industry with more than 13 years of international experience. Arnaud has worked with well-established organizations such as the Dassault Group, Textron, and Raytheon Technologies in various capacities (Sales, Marketing, Strategy). Arnaud is currently based in Paris, France where he serves as International Business Development Director for Embraer’s Defense & Security business unit.

Arnaud has spent 5 years in Japan working closely with Aerospace and Defense entities and he was instrumental in establishing key partnerships between US firms and some Japanese tier 2 firms for Defense related activities.

In addition to his business development activities, Arnaud focused on providing detailed political, military, and economic situational reporting to senior leadership and on deriving new opportunities from geopolitical shift analysis in the North East Asian region.

His analyses have been featured in The Diplomat, and he is a contributing expert on Defense and Cybersecurity for the newly formed think tank ‘ITSS’ (International Team for the Study of Security).

A French citizen, Arnaud has lived more than 12 years in Asia and he is a graduate of the Institut de Relations Internationales et Strategiques (‘IRIS’), a top French think tank specialized in International Relations. He is currently a MA candidate at King’s College London in International Affairs (Cyber Security/Artificial Intelligence specialism).

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